Blackbirds (Miriam Black #1) / Chuck Wendig

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Chuck Wendigity-dog has devised a delectable yet doom-ridden dame in Ms. Miriam Black. Her proclivity for promiscuity, pirate-swearing, and punching sweeps her towards the upper echelons of the best pulp femme fatales.

Add to her well-stocked arsenal of beer swilling and cock noodling the fact that she knows how you will die and you just got a bit of bonus bad-assedness that might make you think about stepping wide of her path.

Alas, no side-stepping here. I went straight at Ms. Miriam, reading page after page with smile and tonic. Why? Because Chuck is a man who can lay down a sentence like a crackwhore after her John’s pipe. He can sure pour forth the metaphor, send out the similes like a forest full of Gumps making epic gumbo lists where no two dishes are the same.

In Blackbirds Chuck plays with one of my favorite themes: fate vs free will. And while this book is no happy Free Willy, it is most definitely a whale of a tale, told splendidly and solidly. So come follow Miriam along the lonely highways and sad diners as she deals with death and redemption.

Her story is worth hearing.

You’ll want more.

And luckily she’ll give you some…

Mockingbird arrives in early September 2012.


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