It’s So Easy (and other lies) / Duff McKagan

July 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s where I make good on previous threats of reviewing music biographies, and with the GNR classic debut Appetite For Destruction turning 25 this past weekend, where better to start than with original bassist Duff McKagan’s recent autobiography It’s So Easy (and other lies).

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what does music got to do with pulp?”. Easy. What’s seedier than the music business? Broads, drugs, dirty deals, sleazy con artists…it’s a perfect match.

The phrase “should have died a long time ago” gets tossed around a lot nowadays, but, in Duff’s case, well…um…Duff should have…well, you get what I’m saying.

Successful rock musicians of a certain generation have a story that is pretty similar across the board. 1) escape your hometown (in this case Seattle) for various reasons, 2) move to the epicenter of rock music (Los Angeles), 3) hook-up with a dude that shares similar aspirations (for this tale let’s call him “Slash”), 4) climb through the ranks, paying dues, consuming copious substances and building a band that you hope will break through, 5) lose all sense of perspective as success overtakes every aspect of your life, 6) hit bottom, rebound.

Duff hit all the points of that template and many more, nearly losing his life in the process from excessive alcohol abuse. Seriously, my liver was having sympathy pains reading this book.

Oh and then there’s Axl. This guy makes Crispin Glover seem level-headed.

Not quite a warts-and-all, it is a warts-and-most. Throughout his story, Duff is honest with his behavior and makes no apologies. Now, if only the aforementioned Axl could do the same (his book could be a behaviorist’s dream come true).

(guns…how appropriate)


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